To the obese stomach malfunction you

According to an Australian study, the mechanism that has the stomach to detect how satisfied we are eating is damaged in obese individuals, although the good news is that it recovers once we lose weight and maintain it.

In particular, Stephen Kentish and his colleagues at the University of Adelaide have published a study in the International Journal of Obesity, which shows the nerves of the stomach responsible for identifying that it is full to lose sensitivity after consuming a diet high in fat in the long run.

To this is added that leptin, the hormone that normally sends to the brain the satiety signal, also works worse in people with a few pounds more. “These two combined mechanisms make the obese need to eat more to feel full, which becomes a snake that is death tail”, clarify the scientists.

The researchers say that this would be one of the reasons why the people who lose weight during a diet tend to recover it quickly. In fact it is estimated only 5% of those slimming maintain weight loss for at least two years, something that the new research could help remedy.

Do Black Pepper Fight Obesity?

PimientaEn effect. Korean Incheon Jong and So-Jong Um scientists discovered some time ago that the black pepper (Piper unigram) manages to reduce the levels of fat in the bloodstream. Now, in an article published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the researchers explain the molecular basis of the effect of “grease” of this condiment, which attributed to the pipeline, the substance that gives it its characteristic (and spicy) flavor.

Pipeline is an alkaloid that interferes with the activity of the genes that control the formation of new fat cells. Thus, operated a metabolic reaction in spine keeps the fat under control. The use of extracts of black pepper, suggest the authors, could help combat obesity and other related diseases.


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