They discover the ‘fat gene’

The FTO gene had been appointed in earlier studies as ‘a gene for obesity’. Now, new research has identified another gene associated with this serious health problem that more than 60% of the Spanish population. The new gene, called IRX3, would be responsible for the increase in body fat.

The study, carried out by scientists from many universities in USA, Canada or Spain, concludes that this ‘fat gene’ is the real head of the reason why we are fat. To do this, they conducted an experiment with mice, mapping behavior of the promoters, the regions of DNA that activate gene expression within the FTO gene. Thus, the scientists found that the FTO gene not directly mingled with obesity, but another gene, the IRX3.

In order to confirm this discovery, they performed another experiment to check the involvement of this new gene in weight gain. Thus, they observed developments and mice inoculated with this new gene in mice without the gene.

The result was that the mice with the gene IRX3 won almost twice the weight with a diet high in fats; the mice without the gene IRX3 not their growth although feed food waste and were even thinner than usual, with a reduction of between 25 and 30% of their body weight, due to loss of fat and an increase in metabolic rate.

The results of the study, which were published in the journal Nature, confirm that IRX3 gene is controlled the body mass, therefore indicating that genetic predisposition to obesity is given, in part, by our brain.


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