Digestive Bacteria In Thin People Can Use As Slimming

Receiving a handful of micro-organisms that live in the digestive system of thin people, obese individuals may lose weight. This follows the work of a group of scientists from the universities of Washington, Colorado and Stanford, all of them in the United States, which after implanting bacteria from the human intestine in mice have managed to alter its metabolism and speed up your metabolic rate, resulting in a loss of weight.

The researchers also showed that extracting fecal bacteria from the bowel movements of adult twins in which one of the Sisters was obese and another thin, and transplanting the germs in rodents, mice with microbes in obese individuals gained more weight than those who received bacteria from thin subjects.

“In other words, the weight gain can be transmitted human mice through their digestive microbes”, concludes Rob Knight, co-author of the study published by the journal Science and which could lead to a new remedy against overweight and obesity.

The content of the diet also influences the effect of this therapy. Specifically, in the experiment, the scientists observed that the colonization process did not take place when the animals are supplied a diet low in fiber and high in carbohydrates and fats.


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