Being Obese 25 Can Lead To A Severe Obesity 35

Overweight at age 25 increases the risk of serious health problems in less than one decade. It is the conclusion of a recent study carried out by the universities of New York and Wyoming (USA) and published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The researcher’s analyzed data from the national study of health and nutrition of 1999-2010 USA (NHANES), with object relate to the (BMI) body mass index at age 25 with the risk of obesity 10 years view more and its effect on health.

Thus, they discovered that the men who were obese with 25 years had a probability of a 23.1% have obesity class III (IMC+40) after the age of 35. For women the percentage was much higher: a probability of a 46.9% have severe obesity with 35 years.

The positive side of the conclusions of the study linking obesity in their twenties as an indicator of cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome, is that the loss of weight at any stage of life can help reduce it. That is, regardless of the amount of time that someone has always had overweight, the loss will be a help to reduce the risk of health problems in the future.

“The results suggest that the biological risks of obesity long term are mainly due to the probability of being obese adult and not at the time during which it has been obese. This is, to some extent, good news since it shows that young people with overweight and obesity can take steps to cease to be can prevent their biological risk factors”, says Jennifer B. Dowd, leader of study.


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