World Body-Building Programs

Round the World bodybuilding programs

Program squats with 20 repetitions

This program is considered to be highly effective, even for those exercisers who other training programs do not produce the desired results.

Dr. Randall Stresses, his promoter and creator, report an increase in muscle mass over £ 18 (nearly 9 kg) within two months.

Alone Stressing states appear on the Example 10 kg increase muscle mass during 6 weeks, even through a thin skeletal structure. As the title suggests, and is based on a series of 20 repetitions of squats. Below is a more detailed description of the design.

The barbell will load such a burden with which we are able to perform normally 12 reps. Dumbbell rests on the trapeze muscle and its location must be convenient for you and you cannot push the barbell. Therefore, it is possible and appropriate to place a towel under the bar and alleviating the pressure.

The position of the feet is a standard shoulder width apart with the tips slightly turned out. Before we start with squats, so several deep breaths, and after the last breath slowly descend into a squat.

Engineering design of squats, I assume, clear and not the purpose of this article to describe it. The decrease in the down position takes two to three seconds.


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