Provide firm support during workout

They even during motion to provide firm support. This makes them important, but also quite vulnerable part of the loco-motors apparatus.

What is joint stability?

Particular stability is the ability to reliably transmit the load from one of the particular surface on the other. It is a condition of physical exercise. At the same time, the joint may be damaged.

Forces can ever reach the limits of the strength of joint structures. The most vulnerable are the ligaments and other facial tissue. How, then, musculature system protects joints?

Two variants ensure joint stability

The controller chooses between two ways of ensuring joint stability. This is the previously described static and dynamic stabilization of body segments / DS and SS /.

In the case that the load rate is small, the control system uses the SS. It is worth less energy. The mechanism prying particular surfaces, however, is risky.

If you would come sudden shock, the risk of damage, especially in the facial tissues high.

Therefore, in a situation of stress “more than a little” control system activates the dynamic stabilization. It softens bumps into facial structures, allows a more balanced burden particular surface. This also protects the particular cartilage.


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