Pain During Muscle Building

In particular structures we find strikingly many receptors and free nerve endings. Why? We can infer that the control system is monitoring bearing joints a priority.

It informs about the risk of overload. We do not see it as pain. In the case of static load on her steering system responds spontaneously change position.

When repeated, especially cyclic movement starts making process of the replacement of the locomotors pattern. It is an adjustment to the coordination of muscle bundles.

The goal is to eliminate no inception. If automatic correction fails, no inception breaks through into consciousness as pain. This then forces us to modify movement behaviors in order to avoid it.

The problem arises when the DD is unavailable for some reason. Joints in which case they remain in the mechanism of prying even when excess load. In their neighborhood lacks synergistic muscle kooky trivial

On examination we find spastic (hyper) while also hypo responsive muscle fascicles. They often contain trigger points (trigger points, characterized by pain and impact on local muscle tension).

In the insertion of such bundles can feel pain even at normal loads. Their long-term overloads can cause aseptic inflammation.


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