Complex Movements During Workout

Crucial to the emergence and subsequent fixation of these patterns has post promoter early period of our development, i.e. 0-3 years.

Of these the most important are the first four months, when decisions are made about the availability of dynamic stabilization.

Of course a big role also subsequent movement experience which, although basic movement patterns have changed, but it is significant to cultivate.

So what do we actually practice? A useful exercise is to refill our work with a suitably chosen position, respectively. it performed certain complex movements.


Although the movements are targeting the chosen body part, we put them in the framework of overall physical possession.

Can be quite small. Sometimes it is more convenient to just stabilize the starting position. Emphasis is placed on how to perform the exercise. In particular, how our body “works within.”

Therefore, it is important to learn to perceive their own body. It requires a fresh look at the body condition.


The goal is fitness, which allows us to safely and happily work or sports. Just do everything you need with a safe margin. The opposite is strengthening individual muscles.

Their plot to images exercise positions is indeed attractive, but many practitioners as well not true. Far more important is the authenticity of the client’s feelings.


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